August 23, 2010

79 Possible Cookbook Titles

79 Possible Cookbook Titles


As you may have heard, I am writing a cookbook. Now, this is no average cookbook. It’s a Catholic cookbook. And it’s not your average Catholic cookbook either.

Believe it or not, I will follow food throughout Salvation History.

Sound strange? Different? Unique?

Good. It’s supposed to. It’s my angle. My take. My vision.


Have you ever written a book? Are you familiar with the process? If you haven’t written a book, have you ever wondered (even marveled at!) what kind of magic must take place behind the curtain?

Here’s your chance to peek behind that curtain.

I’m inviting you to journey this process with me.


I’m a podcaster as well as a writer. And I am going to podcast this book. From beginning to end. Not only do you get a chance to see how it unfolds, but you also have the opportunity to contribute, to give me your two cents. And you will be recognized for that. In a way, I’m inviting you to become a co-author.



Here’s your first opportunity to help out.

I need a title.

The other day I brainstormed 79 possible titles. They are listed below.

Which ones are your favorites?

I need to narrow down the list. As you read through these titles, you will get a better idea of what the book is about and what makes it unique. I would love to hear your thoughts about this concept (in addition to which titles you like).

Just one warning:

Some of the titles are really goofy. I brainstormed, remember? And part of that process is just laying it all out with no judgement. So, you’ll get the chance to laugh a little too.


Read through this long list. Daunting, I know. But you can do it.

Then, please comment at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for the help! I look forward to sharing more details with you soon, including the special web address for this project.

Bon appetit!


  1. Theology of the Body for Foodies
  2. The Sacred Meal
  3. Food of God
  4. Feasting on God
  5. The Family Meal
  6. God’s Family Meal
  7. Sin and Salvation Come Through Eating
  8. Sin and Salvation Come Through the Mouth
  9. The Sacred Plate
  10. The Sacred Palate
  11. Holy Foodies
  12. The Catholic Foodie & the Bible
  13. Salvation Comes Through Eating
  14. Life and Death Come Through Food
  15. Food: Life and Death
  16. Eating Life
  17. Eating Salvation
  18. The Wedding Feast of the Lamb
  19. Swallowing God
  20. Food is Life
  21. Deadly Food, Living Food
  22. Is Your Plate Saved?
  23. Save a Foodie… Buy This Book!
  24. Eat Your Way to Life
  25. Swallow Life
  26. Eat Life
  27. Live to Eat
  28. Live to Eat, Eat to Live
  29. Eat to Live, Live to Eat
  30. Let There Be Food!
  31. Finding Life at the Table
  32. Invited to the Feast
  33. A Little Slice of Heaven
  34. A BIG Slice of Heaven
  35. Heaven in Your Belly
  36. Priest, Prophet, King… and Cook?
  37. The Bible for Foodies
  38. The Bible for Catholic Foodies
  39. And God Said, “Bon Appetit!”
  40. You Are What You Eat
  41. You Are What You Eat… Really!
  42. And Then There Was Food
  43. Water to Wine – Death To Life
  44. Hungry for God
  45. Hungry for Life
  46. Biblical Foodies
  47. Biblical Cuisine
  48. Eating the Bible
  49. Eating Your Way Through The Bible
  50. At God’s Table
  51. The Foodie Who Knows His Bible
  52. A Foodie of Biblical Proportions
  53. A Feast of Biblical Proportions
  54. Dining with God
  55. God at the Dinner Table
  56. Serving Salvation
  57. A Saving Helping
  58. God: The REAL Iron Chef
  59. How to Eat Your Way to Salvation – A Foodie’s Guide
  60. A Foodie’s Guide to God
  61. A Foodie’s Guide to Being Saved
  62. A Foodie’s Guide to Salvation
  63. From Death to Life – A Foodie’s Journey
  64. From Death to Life – Eating with God
  65. A Foodie’s Guide to the Bible
  66. The Bible: A Catholic Feast
  67. Revealing Food – Biblical Secrets of Death and Life
  68. The Saving Palate
  69. He Came to Serve – Dining with God
  70. Life on a Plate
  71. My Life on a Plate
  72. Our Life on a Plate
  73. The Foodie’s Guide to Salvation History
  74. The Biblical Plate
  75. Theology of the Plate
  76. Appetite for God
  77. Dining with the Catholic Foodie
  78. The Catholic Foodie and His Bible
  79. Foodies of Biblical Proportions


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