September 15, 2010

A Special Episode of the Catholic Foodie: The Faith & Family Live Edition

A Special Episode of the Catholic Foodie: The Faith & Family Live Edition

You might remember that I am a guest blogger this week at Faith & Family Live. This is a total treat, by the way. It’s an honor.

My post this morning wasn’t really a blog post though. It was a new special episode of the Catholic Foodie. Condensed (only 35 minutes… can you believe it???) and produced especially for the listeners and readers of Faith & Family Live. The episode was sponsored by the Divine Office iPhone / iPad app. Visit them at

And I want you to hear it!

Sarah Reinhard gives us a most excellent reflection in our Mary in the Kitchen segment, and I talk about yesterday’s feast day in the Church, the Exaltation of the Cross. Oh, and there’s a recipe from a friend of mine, Eleanor Batson. Want to know what it is? Ok, I’ll tell you.West African Peanut Soup. You talk about good eats!

You can find the episode over at Faith & Family live by clicking on this link:

It’s also available on iTunes.

Bon appetit!

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