October 9, 2015

All about that Paste – #Hummus

All about that Paste – #Hummus

Hummus is all the rage these days. Not only can you find “traditional” hummus in the supermarkets now, but you can also find a slew of creative varieties of hummus… like White Bean Hummus, Black Bean Hummus, even a Sweet Potato Hummus.

I admit it. I’m a traditionalist. Especially when it comes to hummus. I also admit that I don’t buy it at the supermarket. I make it at home. It’s quick, easy, inexpensive, and the flavor of the homemade variety just can’t be beat.

The peoples of the Middle East take their hummus very seriously, as is evident in this short video.


Recipe for Hummus

If you would like my recipe for Hummus, click here: http://cfjwyoung.wpengine.com/lebanese-hummus-and-homemade-pita-bread