August 30, 2013

Back to School with Sherrí Hansen and Culinary Kids

Back to School with Sherrí Hansen and Culinary Kids

It’s Back-to-School Time! What’s on Your Menu?

The lazy days of summer are gone and school is back in full swing. Between homework and after school activities, families often find themselves in a bind at dinner time, which makes fast food and eating-on-the-go much more appealing options than they should be. Believe it or not, even amidst the chaos of homework, football practice and other extracurricular activities, it is still possible to prepare something delicious and nutritious for your family… and to gather all the family members together around the table for dinner.

Sherrí Hansen and Culinary Kids

Sherrí Hansen knows a thing or two about kids and cooking. A mother of four (boys!), Sherrí has been through her own personal “boot camp” where she has learned to balance the busyness of life with kids and the joys of connecting with her family around the dinner table… and she has learned to do so with grace. As a mother, Sherrí knows intimately the challenges and struggles that one can encounter at mealtime, especially during the months of transition back into “school mode.” Over the years, Sherrí has come up with several time-saving tips that make dinner time for busy families a bit easier.

In addition to being a wife and mother, Sherrí is also the owner and proprietor of Culinary Kids, a fun and educational facility on the Northshore that provides the space for children and families to practice the science and art of cooking, and to learn valuable relationship skills to help them really connect around the family table.

We live in a culture of food, socializing and bonding over meals.

Food is a way for children to learn and connect with each other and their families.We teach practical life skills, encouraging children to share experiences at home enjoying family time together. We raise awareness on issues of childhood obesity, nutritional choices, food allergens and other health concerns. – from

This open-space facility is completely malleable to become the perfect venue for any number of programs. There are several standing programs that are a part of the regular schedule at Culinary Kids, like Parents’ Night Out, Mommy & Me, and even a Special Needs Cooking Class. There is also a program for adults called Corks & Cooking. You can find the whole lineup of classes at

The Culinary Kids facility is also available for rent for parties and for other cooking events, like a church-based class or a leadership-building event for businesses.

Always Lots of Fun at Culinary Kids

Back-to-School Dinner Time Tips from Sherrí

Sherrí shared a secret with us on last week’s Around the Table Food Show. Once school starts up every year, for the first couple of months – at least – her two favorite kitchen gadgets are the food processor and the muffin tin!

Listen to the show below to hear her creative (and sneaky!) ideas for maxing out the use of the food processor and the muffin tin. Click on the “play” button below to listen. Alternatively, you can click here to download the show as an MP3 file that you can listen to at your convenience on your computer or MP3 player.

On this show I also shared some practical tips for speeding up the cooking process (when time is of the essence!) from an article I wrote a couple of months ago called 10 Shortcuts for Cooking Dinner in Record Time.

It’s All About Connecting… Around the Table

Duck Dynasty around the table

Another fun topic from this show was Duck Dynasty.

I saw my first episode of Duck Dynasty back in July, and it instantly became a family favorite. And not just because I could have starred on that show just a few years ago (see the pic of me and my beard below!). No. It’s because Duck Dynasty is oriented toward the family. Family is good. And every episode ends with the family gathered around the table joined in prayer and celebrating life together with food. Listen to show to hear all that we had to say about Duck Dynasty!

With that beard the Catholic Foodie could have been on Duck Dynasty

Recipes from the Show

What about You? What’s on Your Back-to-School Menu?

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