December 17, 2014

Book Signings: English Tea Room & Covington Farmers Market

Book Signings: English Tea Room & Covington Farmers Market

Attention Local Peeps!

If you’re in the Greater New Orleans Area – including the Northshore (Covington, Mandeville, Madisonville) – I want to let you know about two book signing events this weekend.

On Friday, December 19, from 2:00 PM ’til, I’ll be at our favorite tea room… the English Tea Room in downtown Covington. Stop by and say Hi and enjoy some tea! If you have already purchased my book, bring your copies and I’ll be happy to sign them. If need to buy copies for yourself or give as a gift, I’ll have plenty on-hand.

On Saturday, December 20, from 8:00 AM until noon, I’ll be at the world-famous Covington Farmers Market (right next to the Coffee Rani booth in the center of the market). Again, feel free to bring copies of the book that you have already purchased. I’ll be happy to sign them. I’ll also have plenty of books with me in case you need to pick up some last minute Christmas gifts.

Readers Respond: The Catholic Foodie Book Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift

Lisa Hendey of

“Let me preface this by saying that I am not a good cook! I also don’t typically collect cookbooks. BUT “Around the Table with the Catholic Foodie” is far more than just a cookbook. This book is a vibrant, artful, amazing look at food and faith, and the intersection between the two. The book itself is truly amazing with so many full color photos. The recipes are both diverse and actually accomplishable. Having Jeff’s insights on this food, as well as the beautiful pictures, entices me to want to cook this way. I find myself ready to take risks and actually try many of these recipes (and that’s a big step for me!)

“Jeff Young’s Catholic Foodie apostolate remains one of my favorite resources for nurturing and encouraging Catholic families. As a frequent listener to Jeff’s show and someone who has had the opportunity to work in partnership with Jeff, I’ve seen firsthand the impact of his work on individuals and families. This cookbook provides yet another facet to his service on behalf of the Church and families. Bring this one home – you’ll love it!” – Lisa Hendey of

Sarah Reinhard of &

“No one was more surprised than I was when Jeff Young wrote and asked me if I would endorse his new book, Around the Table with the Catholic Foodie: Middle Eastern Cuisine. Of all the people who know me, Jeff knows that I’m, uh, NOT a foodie. At. All.

“But I like to eat. (So when I have the chance to have Jeff cook for me, I’m ALL OVER IT.)

“Confession: I haven’t read the entire book. But I have drooled all over it, and I’m going to be trying more than a few of the recipes in it.

“But wait, it’s not just a cookbook. Far from it. This is a book that also journeys through the Holy Land: that’s why it’s focused on Middle Eastern cuisine!

“I cook because I have to, and Young’s book (and his Catholic Foodie apostolate) is an inspiration to me to try to make more of it. His goal? To get families around the table for dinner. And one of the ways to do that is to inspire great foods from them.

“This is a book that’s designed for all of us…and that makes it even more special than it would otherwise be, I think. It also makes it a great gift idea.” – Sarah Reinhard of and

Barbara Szyszkiewicz of

“I’ve taste-tested two recipes from this cookbook already and have marked many more to try in the weeks to come. Jeff Young’s enthusiasm for the topic and expertise in recipe writing make his recipes easy to follow. The photography is gorgeous. You’ll learn a lot about Middle-Eastern cooking techniques and ingredients as you try these recipes.” – Barbara Szyszkiewicz of

Hope to See You this Weekend!