November 30, 2008

CF01 – Let’s Talk Turkey

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Against my better judgment, I am posting episode 1 of The Catholic Foodie: Let’s talk turkey.

I am a perfectionist. Yes, really, I am. And this episode is not perfect. But, I realized earlier that I will never record a single episode if I wait for it to be perfect.

So… here it goes! Please be patient with me. And let me know what you think!

Do you have any suggestions, recommendations?

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By the way, in recording the podcast, I have realized that I need to stop saying “whatnot.”

Lord, please help me! Here are the links I referred to in episode 1:

Catholic New Media Roundup Advent Calendar

Emeril’s Pepper-stuffed Turkey

Emeril’s Turkey-bone Gumbo

Emeril’s Real & Rustic

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