March 19, 2009

CF12 – Go To Joseph!

CF12 – Go To Joseph!
A traditional Sicilian St. Joseph Altar in New Orleans, LA.

Dedicated to St. Joseph, this episode is about devotion to St. Joseph… even a few quirky devotions. We also visit two St. Joseph Altars and speak with the organizers. We end with a song from Cat.Chat.

Here are some links from the show:

30 Day Novena to St. Joseph

St. Joseph Home Sale Kits

St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent

Virtual St. Joseph Altar

History of St. Joseph Altar

Traditions related to St. Joseph

Thanks to the folks at Cat.Chat for permission to play “St. Joseph.”

***The photo above was taken by Mrs. Norma Richard***

Special thanks to Dr. Ann Kay Logarbo, M.D. & Mrs. Anne Dale, Jeweler for the interviews.

Don’t forget to write in or call to let me know your stories of St. Joseph! Has he answered your prayers? Do you have a special devotion to him?

Remember, episode 13 will be on teens, youth ministry, Confirmation, and fast food. Do you have any comments or questions about these topics? Let us know!
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