December 14, 2009

CF51 – Time to Eat!

CF51 – Time to Eat!
Photo by mostafa mahmoudi / Unsplash

I got skillz. Lots of skillz. Like prayin’ skillz, teachin’ skillz, motorcycle-ridin’ skillz, Spanish-speakin’ skillz, web development skillz, spellin’ skillz… Lots of skillz! But time management skillz ain’t one of ’em!

I need help!

And, thanks be to God, I get some help on this episode.

Marshall Cook graciously joins us today to discuss his latest book, Time Management: A Catholic Approach published by Pauline Books & Media.

The book is available from the Catholic Company, but you could WIN a copy (along with the companion workbook) by participating in our current contest. How do you do that? By commenting on this post (below) or commenting on this same post at

In addition to time management, we also have appetizers on the menu. Two of them. And they both feature oysters! You’re going to love these! Char-grilled oysters and my seafood gumbo (I’ll post the recipe soon!).

And if you haven’t heard yet, I was a guest on the most recent episode of In Between Sundays (episode 29). I talk with Nick and Pat about Holiday Deliciousness. It was a riot! Those two are lots of fun. Give it a listen.

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