January 17, 2010

CF57 – The Wine of God’s Joy

CF57 – The Wine of God’s Joy
Photo by Jeff Siepman / Unsplash

On the menu today… Chris Faddis and I talk about his new ministry outreach, Fast for Haiti. We have a bit of technology and social media talk too. And LOTS of feedback on this episode. It is GREAT to hear from YOU! What else is on the menu? Sushi, beignets, a 10 year old ministry dynamo (by the name of Anya Daneluk), a revival (of the home cook), and much, much more!

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The symbol of the wine at Cana is apt: wine restores vigor to an exhausted man, warms him all through, brings color back to his face, gives him courage, softens his heart, takes away his sense of insufficiency, and sets him free…. The joy of God is a wine that changes the drab, cold, colorless, substance of human nature into the rich, crimson, warm vitality of supernatural life. It changes discouragement to hope, doubt to faith, it lights up the mind and in its light men see that the problems of the world today, which seemed insurmountable, are straws in the power of God, and in his name even a creature as little and weak as man can overcome them.

– Caryll Houselander [This quote appeared in the most recent issue of Magnificat (Vol. 11, No. 12)]

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