August 19, 2010

CF83 – Beer, Beans, & Breakfast

CF83 – Beer, Beans, & Breakfast

On the menu today: an interview with Sarah Vabulas (the Catholic Drinkie), a “pre-announcement” of the book I’m working on, a breakfast tip, and Marcelle Bienvenu’s recipe for red beans & rice.

During our Mary in the Kitchen segment this week, Sarah Reinhard reflects on the Assumption of Mary and the dinner party she hopes for in heaven.

A special thanks to L’Angelus for letting us use their Ave Maria in the show!

Prayer of the Week

God our Father, as we gather around our family table, place a growing desire in our hearts to gather around the table of the Living Word. May the food that we are about to receive direct our thoughts toward the Living Bread come down from heaven that we receive at your altar. Thank you, Father, for these gifts and for all good things that come from you. Amen!

Bon appetit!

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