September 13, 2010

CF87 – Sheep, Coins, & Me!

CF87 – Sheep, Coins, & Me!

Show notes for episode 87:

This is Jeff Young, the Catholic Foodie at, and you are listening to episode 87 of the Catholic Foodie: Sheep, coins, and me!

Welcome, folks, to the Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith. I am your host Jeff Young and we’re talking sheep today. That’s right. Sheep. Not lamb. But sheep. And coins. More about that in a bit though. Got a hint for you too: I’m going to tell what NOT to leave in your refrigerator.

Sarah Vabulas, the Catholic Drinkie, will not be with us today. She’s busy celebrating her birthday. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Sarah Reinhard will join us with Mary in the kitchen. And I have a few announcements for you.

Today’s episode is a bit different than the last several. The focus in not going to be so much on food as will be on faith. Yep. I’m dishing up some scripture today… some New Testament goodies.

So stick around for all this and more right here at the Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith!

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Jesus, in Luke 15 and in many other places in the gospel, we are told that you ate with tax collectors and sinners. You shared meals with them regularly. And in 1 Timothy, Paul assures us that you came into the world to save sinners. Your love and mercy are so great! Grant, Lord Jesus, that as we join around this table, we may have your heart. May we look at each other with the same love and compassion you have for the tax collectors and sinners… and for us! Lord Jesus, bless each one of us and these gifts which we are about to receive. Amen.


(Join us next week when Sarah Vabulas, the Catholic Drinkie, returns with her mouth-watering libations. Until then… Happy Birthday, Sarah!

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Our appetizer today is not so appetizing. I’m going to tell you what not to leave in your fridge for too long. Whew! We learned this lesson the hard way! Gotta listen to the show to find out what it is!

Got a couple of shout outs for you today:

  • First is a big thank you to Sean McGaughy, the Ducttapeguy, from the Catholic Roundup podcast at for putting together a fantastic audio Rosary featuring many folks who attended the CNMC last month in Boston. You can find the complete audio Rosary at
  • Second, a shout out to Justin Combs of the band The Jacob’s Well Experience He tweeted me the other day asking for my red beans and rice recipe. He wanted to make it for his wife. He made it. And she liked it! Way to go, Justin! And Bon Appetit!
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Our salad segment has to do with health. And I have a confession of sorts to make. I haven’t always been the healthiest eater. I know that’s hard to believe. But it’s true. And for some reason beyond my understanding, I am getting on a health kick. Wow. I’m making some changes to my diet… and I’ll tell you more specifics later. But suffice it to say that I am not only starting to exercise every day, but I am going to start preparing healthier meals. So, that means I need some healthy recipes. Do you have any? Please send them to me… or better yet, submit them to the website at I look forward to seeing them.

Here are some things I am changing in general though:

  • I’m going to eliminate sugar… for the most part. No desserts. No sugar in my coffee. (I usually put just a touch. But still). However, I will eat raw honey.
  • Absolutely no high fructose corn syrup. NONE. Do you realize that the stuff didn’t even exist until 1957. It’s a molecularly modified substance. It ain’t natural, folks. And I’m kinda going for natural.
  • No white rice. No white bread. No white pasta.

There are other things, but that’s enough for now. I’m basically going for natural, and avoiding anything artificial.

Oh, and I’m going to try to moderate the amount of food I eat at each meal. I need to feel more hungry. I hope it helps me to be more hungry for God.

I’m not doing this to lose weight, though I could stand to lose a few pounds. I’m doing it because I know I need to eat a bit more healthily. I want to develop new habits. Of course, I will allow myself a splurge every now and then (especially when it comes to our delicious Cajun / Creole / and Lebanese feasts).

So, that’s what’s up in the health world of the Catholic Foodie! What about you? I’d love to know. Give me a call at 985-635-4974! Or email me at


Today we’re talking scripture, folks. The Gospels. Today’s gospel reading for Mass, specifically. Wow, this is some good stuff!

Read Chapter 15 of Luke’s gospel. Then listen to the show to hear what I have to say about it.


Mary in the Kitchen – We’re on the brink of fall, and Sarah Reinhard spends this week with Mary in the Kitchen, admiring the change of seasons in the Midwest…and in the Church.

A special thanks to L’Angelus for letting us use their Ave Maria in the show!


No dessert today, folks. Sorry. Remember, I’m giving it up! But we will end with a prayer of thanksgiving after meals.

Eternal Father, we thank you for all the graces you pour out upon us. Thank you for our faith, our family, our friends. Thank you especially for the gift of your Son, Jesus. Thank you for his saving death and his glorious resurrection. And thank you for the unfathomable mercy you bestow upon us through his most Sacred Heart. Help us, Father, to receive your mercy with an open heart, and then to share it with all those we meet… especially those who have sinned against us. We ask this through Christ Jesus, our Savior and our Lord. Amen.


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