September 26, 2010

CF90 – Father Abraham… At Your Service!

CF90 – Father Abraham… At Your Service!

Show notes for episode 90:

Today we talk about bar food, vinegar, and Father Abraham serving dinner to the poor man Lazarus.

Whether you are at the bar with friends watching your favorite football team crush their opponents, or just hanging with friends for a few beers… when you are at the bar, bar food is essential. Pretzels? Peanuts? Hot wings? Not Today! No. Today we get creative with our bar food.

And I am going share with you 12 things you can do with vinegar that may have never even entered your mind before. Talk about some helpful tips!

Sarah Reinhard asks us a question in our Mary in the kitchen segment: “to apron or not to apron?

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LORD Jesus, the Prophet Amos & the Evangelist Luke, remind us today that You love the poor and that we should too. LORD you know how infrequently we think of the poor. The closest we may ever get to the poor is passing the poor back in the back of church as we leave Mass to go home. Help us, LORD Jesus, to remember that we are the poor. We are only beggars at the door of Your Heart. Give us a greater awareness of the poor and our responsibility toward them. Help us to give of our time and of our treasure to meet you, Jesus, in the many poor men and women in our community. Bless the food, LORD, that you have blessed us with. And please bless those who go without today. May they be blessed through us and through all who make up Your Body, the Church. Amen.


Short reflection today on the readings from Mass, primarily Amos 6 & Luke 16. Powerful messages here for foodies, folks!

Aperitif & Appetizer:

We combine our APERITIF AND APPETIZER segments today. Instead of talking about beer or cocktails, we talking about creative BAR FOOD. I’m taking these ideas from Bon Appetit Magazine’s September issue.

Sometimes we have a drink, not as an aperitif leading to a fine dinner, but to enjoy the company of friends, or to gather at a bar to watch the game. At those times, we really just need some munchies.  Even some substantial munchies.

From the article entitled Eating at the Bar. Pretzels, peanuts, and chicken wings… step back! Here comes some good goodies for the bar!

  • Flatbread with Arugula, Asparagus, and Fried Eggs (from Baltimore’s B&O American Brasserie) – Pair with Pinot Noir
  • Fried Bread & Butter Pickles with Green Goddess Dressing (from McCready’s in Charleston, South Carolina) – Pair with Pimm’s Cup


Today we talk about 12 Unexpected Ways to Use Vinegar. Again, this list is taken from

  1. Weed Killer
  2. Flower Freshener
  3. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  4. Skunk Deodorant
  5. Glue Remover
  6. Pain Reliever
  7. Rust Remover
  8. Microwave de-gunker
  9. Buttermilk Maker
  10. Hiccup Suppressant
  11. Fabric Brightener
  12. Natural Drano

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Mary in the Kitchen – To apron or not to apron, does it matter? Sarah Reinhard considers aprons in this week’s Mary in the Kitchen and encourages you to laugh along with her. (Oh, and if you want a great apron, here’s the link to her favorite.) Obviously, I need to send Sarah a Catholic Foodie apron. That would be definitely be her new favorite!

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A special thanks to L’Angelus for letting us use their Ave Maria in the show!


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