October 16, 2010

CF92 – There’s More Than One Way to Fall!

CF92 – There’s More Than One Way to Fall!

Show notes for episode 92:

This is Jeff Young, the Catholic Foodie at catholicfoodie.com, and you are listening to episode 92 of the Catholic Foodie: There’s more than one way to fall!

Welcome, folks, to the Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith. I am your host Jeff Young and today we’re talking about falling. You know, there are many different ways that you can fall. You can fall in love, you can fall away from the Church (but please don’t do that one!), you can fall into sin (OK, don’t do that one either!), you can fall forward. In just a couple of weeks Daylight Saving Time will come to an end, and we will fall back an hours. And, of course, there is simply falling. Yes, falling, just like I did the other day. Twice. And wouldn’t you know… It’s now fall. Beautiful weather down here, folks! I can’t tell you how nice it has been for the last couple of weeks. Wow!

All this and more right here at the Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith!


A special thank-you to at divineoffice.org, the sponsors of today’s show. I’ve said it many times before, and I will say it again. I love the Divine Office. I love the Liturgy of the Hours. It is a staple of my prayer life, one that I recommend to anyone who wants to grow in prayer and who wants to steep themselves in the Word of God. Head on over to divineoffice.org, and join us in prayer here at the Catholic Foodie.

FEEDBACK! From Kathy in California… all about the Liturgy of the Hours!


LORD Jesus Christ, You Who are the Bread of Life, have mercy on us and fill us with Your life. We need You, Jesus. Not just at the end our our lives, but right now. In this family. On this day. At this moment. Be with us, Lord, and bless us as we gather in Your Name. Thank you for all the gifts you have given to us. By Your blessing, may this food bring us health in mind and body and help us to draw closer to You, the true food come down from heaven. Amen.


Catholic Drinkie’s post on Guinness


***Lisa Hendey’s Announcement***

Sunday, October 17 – “Meet & Greet” with Lisa Hendey and Pat Gohn at John Harvard’s in Cambridge. 2:30 to 4:30 PM. Join Lisa and Pat in Boston for this meet and greet. Informal. Stay as long as you can. Lisa will be attending 5:00 PM Mass at St. Paul Parish in Cambridge.

If you go… Take pics for me! And drink a beer for me!

Salad (health tip):

Falling & “The Foot Fiasco.”


Mary in the Kitchen – In this week’s Mary in the Kitchen, Sarah Reinhard shares a reflection of the joyful mysteries of the Rosary.

A special thanks to L’Angelus for letting us use their Ave Maria in the show!

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