January 8, 2016

Christmas, Carnival and King Cake

Christmas, Carnival and King Cake

On the show today…

  1. It’s still Christmas! The Christmas Season… post by Danielle Bean and video by Fr. Josh Johnson
  2. King Cake Making Redoux… with King Cake fun facts, and a cooking lesson from Chef Emeril Lagasse


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Fr. Josh Johnson Video from #ShareJesus

Fr. Josh Johnson, a priest of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, reminds us in this video for the #ShareJesus campaign by RedeemedOnline.com that we are still in the Christmas Season. Check it out!

Watch Emeril Lagasse Show Us How to Make a King Cake

King Cake Stats and Fun Facts

New Orleans king cake history: 10 things to know

Mardi Gras Fun Facts

Leticia Ochoa Adams… Ramblings of a Crazy Face interview with Audrey Assad

Go. Listen. Now!

Click here: Ramblings of a Crazy Face… Leticia Ochoa Adams interviews Audrey Assad