January 19, 2010

Crawfish Andouille Lasagna… Wow!

Crawfish Andouille Lasagna… Wow!
Photo by sunorwind / Unsplash

James Mazzuchi just posted a wonderful recipe on the Catholic Foodie Facebook page, and I HAVE to share it with you! Oh, and James & his lovely wife Jodi are the creative talent behind the Our Catholic Life Podcast. Please make sure to visit him.

The original post was written by Heather McPherson for the Daily Disney.

Crawfish Andouille Lasagna. YUM!

Is it cheesy?

You bet!

Is it heavy?


Is it spicy?

Uh-huh. Especially with the andouille and Tabasco. Oh… and the extra kick of cayenne I would throw in. (And, of course, I would have to add a bit of garlic!)

Is it delicious?

I gotta believe it’s heavenly!