May 1, 2011

Don’t Stress About Easter Cooking

Don’t Stress About Easter Cooking

Mary in the Kitchen by Sarah Reinhard – CF114: Mercy Sakes Alive!

There’s nothing like a big holiday and the promise of dinner preparations to make me run screaming from my kitchen.


I wonder at the irony of my reflections here as part of the Catholic Foodie, because my time in my kitchen is time I’d rather be…well, doing almost anything else. I don’t MIND doing dishes or folding laundry, mind you. They’re FAR better than some of the other household chores that I avoid.

But cooking?

Let’s just say that I’m coming to terms with an appreciation for homemade food versus processed food and the fact that this means I have to do some, ahem, COOKING. But a big meal?

Please, could someone toss me a line here?

Oh wait. I have a line. It’s a line straight to heaven, actually, AND it’s a lifeline. It pulls me back to reality again and again. As we hover on the edge of a holiday that’s pretty major with all the food preparations to go with it, I am grabbing this line in a big way.

You can grab on too, if you need to or hey, even if you just want to.

It’s my rosary.

Grab on and let’s head into the Easter season filled with the joy of the risen Christ!

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