March 15, 2016

Dr. Paul Thigpen and the Saints Who Battled Satan

Dr. Paul Thigpen and the Saints Who Battled Satan

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it seems like everything in life conspires against us when we desire to draw closer to God? Dr. Paul Thigpen joins us today to share some hope and encouragement from the saints. Author of Saints Who Battled Satan, Dr. Paul Thigpen understands that just as the New Testament states, in our Christian journey we daily encounter three obstacles: the world, the flesh and the devil. With love and gentleness, Dr. Paul engages us with stories from the lives of seventeen saints… practical wisdom that can help me and you to draw closer to God no matter the struggles we encounter in our daily lives.

I received a review copy of Saints Who Battled Satan. When I saw the title, I first thought of The Exorcist movie and stories of extraordinary encounters with evil… the kind of stories that make me feel uncomfortable to be alone at night. Well, happily, I can say that this book is so much more that than. I don’t know about you, but I have never encountered a demon in real life. But you know what I have encountered? What I do encounter every day of my life? Temptation. Saints Who Battled Satan is full of stories of saints who battled and overcame Satan in very real, practical ways. Not just extraordinary, sensationalized stories, but overcoming temptations in the nitty-gritty parts of life. This is a book I can use. A book that gives me hope and encouragement in my own journey with God.


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