February 15, 2010

Drew Brees – The King of Bacchus 2010

Last night we were privileged to attend the Bacchus parade in New Orleans. We staked out a spot (or actually, Big D staked out a spot) on St. Charles Avenue, right in front of Cannon’s Restaurant. We were on the neutral ground, and Big D had set up a couple of 10ft. ladders. Perfect for catching beads. The parade started to roll at 5:15, so the night descended upon us before the float started to pass by. And the crowd! Unbelievable! I can’t begin to describe to you the number of people lining St. Charles Avenue. Wow! You might get a sense of it though by watching the video below. I did my best to get some great footage of Drew Brees, this year’s King of Bacchus. It was a raucous good time!