March 5, 2017

Finding God Around the Table

Finding God Around the Table
Jeff Young, The Catholic Foodie, in Legatus Magazine.

Do you see the common thread in these scenarios?

1) A cocktail hour before a business dinner.

2) The home-cooked meal that Mom whipped up in between the after-school pick-up line and soccer practice, waiting to be served to a tired, rowdy and sweaty family.

3) The romantic anniversary dinner at that fancy restaurant downtown which has garnered so many accolades.

4) The Sunday feast at Grandma’s house where all the aunts, uncles and cousins come to spend the afternoon enjoying each other’s company and Grandma’s cooking.

5) The simple Lenten lunch that some church ladies like to share before their rosary group.

Each example has something to do with food, with meals, right? Yes, but each example is really about communion. At first glance that might not seem to be the case. But if you’re a Catholic foodie, the deeper meaning might become clear….

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