October 13, 2016

Finding Peace through Catholic Mindfulness

Finding Peace through Catholic Mindfulness
Introduction to Catholic Mindfulness

Dr. Gregory Bottaro of the Catholic Psych Institute joins me today to talk about Catholic Mindfulness and a new introduction course that he has available at CatholicMindfulness.com.

The full course title is Introduction to Catholic Mindfulness: Learn how to get control of your mind by trusting God, letting go, and tuning in. I’m taking the course right now, and I am finding it immensely helpful!

Do you find yourself frequently frazzled, anxious, worried? Do you try to trust in God but feel like you fail on a regular basis? Then this new Catholic Mindfulness course might just be for you.

Listen to the Show

Listen in to my conversation with Dr. Gregory Bottaro of the Catholic Psych Institute as he tells us what exactly Catholic Mindfulness is and more about the course that he has available. Click the Play button below to listen to the show. You can always right-click and save-as to download the show for listening later.

As mentioned on the show, if you sign up for the course using this link hereCatholic Foodie link for the Catholic Mindfulness courseit doesn’t cost you a penny more, but it helps The Catholic Foodie tremendously.

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