July 8, 2015

Funky Food Combinations | The Catholic Foodie Show

Funky Food Combinations | The Catholic Foodie Show

What’s your favorite “funky food?” You know, weird food combinations… Bananas and peanut butter, or as a friend of mine shared… anchovy paste on grapefruit! Got a funky food combination that you like? We’re talking all about it today on The Catholic Foodie Show! Listen in below!


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The Facebook Comments

Below is the Facebook post on The Catholic Foodie page. The comments are priceless! Read them and share your own funky food faves!

The Instagram Comments

Awesome comments on Instagram too! Check them out below. Again, I would love to hear your funky food faves too! There were so many comments, looks like I’ll have to do a follow-up show!

**Featured image courtesy of Tracy Benjamin on Flickr.com**