May 26, 2015

How to Make Pizza at Home

How to Make Pizza at Home

Pizza is on the menu today on The Catholic Foodie Show on Real Life Radio!

I love making pizzas at home! I think I was 10 or 11 when I made my first pizza. It wasn’t anything fancy. As a matter of fact, it came out of a box. Either Chef Boyardee or Appian Way. The crust was like cardboard and the sauce was like sugar, but that cooking experience launched me on a journey – a quest – to make the perfect pizza at home.

That was about 35 years ago and guess what… I still love making pizzas at home! Thankfully, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. And I make them from scratch now. No more boxed kits!

On today’s show I talk about the evolution of my pizza dough recipe, and I include the following recipes:

I also give you a little preview of the Baking Steel and how it has revolutionized my home pizza-baking. I hope to have Andris Lagsdin join me on the show soon to talk about pizza and the Baking Steel.


To listen to the show, click the player below.