December 1, 2011

If You Search For Food, HE Is Nutrition!

If You Search For Food, HE Is Nutrition!

In Christ we have all.

Let everyone approach him,

those who are sick because of sins,

who is as if nailed by his lust,

who is still imperfect

but eager to move forward with intense prayer,

who has already grown in many virtues.

We are all in the hands of the Lord

and Christ is everything for us.

If you wish to heal your wounds, he is a doctor;

if you’re burning with fever, he is the spring;

if you’re oppressed by sin, he is justice;

if you need help, he is strength;

if you’re afraid of death, he is life;

if you desire heaven, he is the way;

if you flee darkness, he is light;

if you search for food, he is nutrition.

“Taste,” therefore, “and see how sweet is the Lord.

Happy the man who hopes in him” (Psalm 34:9)

This Advent I pray that all of us will wholeheartedly seek out Jesus. I pray that we will not let wounds, fever, sin, weakness, fear, trials, tribulations, hunger, NOTHING come between us and Jesus. Jesus, the one who comes to save us.

May the Lord bless you abundantly this Advent!

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