September 14, 2013

Israel & Food: “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown”

Israel & Food: “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown”

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown: Season 2 Kicks Off Tomorrow in Israel

Anthony Bourdain kicks off the second season of his Parts Unknown series tomorrow night (September 15, 2013) on CNN. His first stop? Jerusalem.

In the season premiere of “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown,” the host and crew make their first trip to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. While the political situation is often tense between the people living in these areas, Bourdain concentrates on their rich history, food and culture, and spends time with local chefs, home cooks, writers and amateur foodies.

The show will air on Sunday, September 15 at 9pm ET. The season premiere episode “Jerusalem” features tours of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. And it is the perfect way to get a foodie sneak peek at the “Food Meets Faith” pilgrimage to the Holy Land that I will be leading in February 2014. Of course, tomorrow night’s show will probably not be as prayerful as the upcoming pilgrimage in February. 😉

Get a Sneak Peek at What You Will Experience with Me in the Holy Land

It’s amazing to think that we will be walking the same roads that Jesus walked and eating the same types of food that Jesus ate. This pilgrimage is certainly going to be a one-of-a-kind type of trip. I would love for you to join us.

Check out this short clip of Anthony Bourdain walking where Jesus walked. I can’t wait to be there myself!

See below for highlights of my upcoming pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The deadline for registering is September 20, 2013, so there is no time to waste. Click here for the registration form.

For a few more sites and sounds of Jerusalem watch this quick clip from tomorrow night’s show. Of course, to the entire show tune in to CNN at 9:00 PM ET. And let me know what you think in the comments below!

Join us as we PRAY and BREAK BREAD together in Israel

Experience food preparation and cooking demonstrations led by “Catholic Foodie” Jeff Young and the “Chefs For Peace.”


Price of $3,795.00 includes airfare from Atlanta, Philadelphia, or Newark.

3 nights in Nazareth and 5 nights in Jerusalem

Highlights include:

  • Celebrating Mass at Mount Carmel, the Church of the Nativity, the Mount of the Beatitudes, the Basilica of Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Renewing Marriage Vows in Cana and Baptismal Vows at the River Jordan
  • Visiting the Churches of the Annunciation, Visitation, and Assumption
  • Sailing on the Sea of Galilee and Swimming in the Dead Sea
  • Touring a Franciscan Winery in Bethlehem and a Brewery in Taybeh
  • Praying the Stations of the Cross on the Via Dolorosa, and visiting the “Wailing Wall,” the “Upper Room,” the Palace of Caiaphas, the Pools of Bethesda, the Mount of Olives , and Dormition Abbey
  • And finally a Farewell Supper at Emmaus

Deadline for Registration is September 20, 2013! has been extended until October 25, 2013!

Register between now and October 1st and receive $50.00 off, plus get a free copy of Jeff’s collection of Middle Eastern recipes!

Contact Information

Susan Prendergrast
(800) 842-4842

Join me in the Holy Land in February 2014! DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS SEPTEMBER 20, 2013!

Details and registration form are at /holyland

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