April 12, 2014

Lent: Soup and Stories with The Practicing Catholics

Lent: Soup and Stories with The Practicing Catholics

Lisa Schmidt of ThePracticingCatholic.com Joins Us on the Show!

I know this happened a couple of weeks ago, but we are still in Lent, and there is a lot of value in the conversation I am sharing with you today.

A couple of weeks ago, Lisa Schmidt of ThePracticingCatholic.com joined us on the Around the Table Food Show to talk about a new initiative she is taking on this Lent: Soup & Stories. Lisa and Joel Schmidt are the husband and wife blogging team behind ThePracticingCatholic.com.

In addition to the regular roles of husband/wife and father/mother, Joel is currently preparing to be ordained to the permanent diaconate and Lisa is determined to master the art of soup preparation this Lent. 😉 Listen to the show to get the inside scoop!

Soup Recipes from The Practicing Catholic

Here are a few of the delicious soups you will find at ThePracticingCatholic.com:

Soup Recipes from The Catholic Foodie

And here are a few of my own soup recipes. The ones I include here are all meatless. Enjoy!


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