November 8, 2013

Loyola Press Launches New Food and Faith Series in Time for Thanksgiving!

Loyola Press Launches New Food and Faith Series in Time for Thanksgiving!

Loyola Press is unveiling a new series that celebrates the many ways Catholics express their faith through the culinary arts. The collection of stories, called Food and Faith, explores how we feed our spirituality at the intersection of food and faith, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Starting on Nov. 11, learn about a Food Network priest who cooks to bring families together, a small-business owner who adds sizzle to his parish’s 40-year-old fish fry, a food blogger who pours her faith into her Lebanese cooking, a father who reflects on the fruits of eating with his family, and many more. The series captures the personal and public ways faith is explored, expressed, shared, and celebrated in our families, parishes, and culture.

Whether you’re a chef de cuisine or can barely make toast, Food and Faith shows there’s always a place at God’s table.

Visit for a taste of the series!

Loyola Press on the Around the Table Food Show

Just last week Rosemary Lane from Loyola Press joined us on the Around the Table Food Show to give us a taste of the of the new Food and Faith series.

Listen to the Around the Table Food Show by clicking on the “play” button below. Or to download the MP3 version and listen at your convenience, just right-click this link and save it to your computer: Loyola Press Launches New Food and Faith Series in Time for Thanksgiving.


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