October 8, 2015

Pope Francis, the Family, and Wasting Time | The Catholic Foodie Show

Pope Francis, the Family, and Wasting Time | The Catholic Foodie Show

The family is where it’s at, according to Pope Francis during his recent visit to the United States. “The most beautiful thing that God did, the Bible says, was the family,” said Pope Francis on September 26 in Philadelphia.

Today on The Catholic Foodie Show we talk about Pope Francis and his message of hope to families.

On the show you will also hear voice feedback from my friend David Hubbell who called in his response to my question, “If Pope Francis came to your house to eat, what would you cook for him?”

You can call in voice feedback to The Catholic Foodie Show at any time of the day or night by dialing 985-635-4974 and leaving a voice message. I’ll be happy to play your question or comment on the show!

Also on the show, you will get to hear The Catholic Foodie say something somewhat scandalous… Just look at what Lisa Schmidt from ThePracticingCatholic.com had to say about it on Twitter:

.@CatholicFoodie “It’s not about the food” – said no true foodie ever. 🙂 Will the real Catholic Foodie please stand up. 🙂 @BreadboxMedia

— Lisa Schmidt (@LisaAnnSchmidt) October 7, 2015

And, finally, you will get a superb recipe for Cajun Macaroni and Cheese. Now, that’s comfort food! All this and more on The Catholic Foodie Show… Where food meets faith!


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