April 28, 2009

Social Media: Are You Part of the Conversation?

Social Media: Are You Part of the Conversation?

I am a social media evangelist. Yes, I have caught the bug. And I believe that every Catholic should catch it too.

Why? Because it’s all about community.

The Church, the Body of Christ, is the community to which we are all called. In Matthew 28, Jesus gave the Great Commission to the apostles: Go, and preach the gospel to all the world….

We do not all have to be theologians to spread the gospel! The Church is calling all Catholics to engage society by means of modern communication. Not necessarily by directly evangelizing or catechizing, but by living their faith and being actively involved in society, which is increasingly being shaped by social media. We are all called to “indirect evangelization.”

As followers of Jesus, our very presence can benefit society and spread the gospel. Blessed Mother Teresa called this the “ministry of presence.” And St. Francis of Assisi once told his friars, “Preach the gospel everywhere you go. And, when necessary, use words.”

Take Fr. Roderick’s Daily Breakfast as an example. “It’s breakfast with a priest.” But Fr. Roderick doesn’t limit himself to talking about the Catholic Faith. He also talks about technology, health, movies and TV, and more. His show appeals to a wide audience, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. And many listeners who haven’t been to church in a long time are touched by his casual discussion of life… and faith. Some have even returned to the sacraments.

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Plurk, Blogger, WordPress, Seesmic, iTunes/podcasts… What do they have in common?


Social media are revolutionizing our experience of community. Are you part of the conversation?

**Special thanks to Hannes Treichl on Flickr for the use the of the photo.**