March 23, 2012

St. Joseph Altars in New Orleans

St. Joseph Altars in New Orleans

On the show today… my recent guest appearance on Wake Up Baton Rouge on WPYR to talk about St. Joseph Altars and how they bring together food and faith… Sarah Reinhard’s Mary in the Kitchen segment, and some great news about Sarah’s most recent book… and I reach back in the Catholic Foodie archives to bring you an amazing story about the powerful ways that St. Joseph answers prayer, and how people show their gratitude to St. Joseph with special altars. All this and more right here at the Catholic Foodie… where food meets faith!

Was St. Joseph Italian?

“What’s the deal with the St. Joseph Altar? Was St. Joseph Italian? Why the pastas, seafood-stuffed artichokes, and Italian fig cookies?”

Want to know the answers to these questions and more? Press the PLAY button below and listen in!

Listen to find out!

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Want to know more about St. Joseph and St. Joseph Altars?

You can find out more about St. Joseph and his altars (and the foods on those altars!) by clicking on the links below:

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Bon appetit!

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