March 3, 2012

The Lenten Kitchen and Fish on Fridays

The Lenten Kitchen and Fish on Fridays

Why fish on Friday?

Why can we eat fish on Fridays in Lent? Isn’t fish a kind of meat too?

I have to be honest… this was a real stumbling block for me when I first “turned to the Lord” at the age of 16. I lived in Baton Rouge, LA where seafood was just a part of life. “You mean I have to eat fried catfish on Friday? What a penance!” [That’s a joke, by the way. For me it was no penance to eat fish. So… how did I make sense of all this?]

In the show I talk about two intriguing spiritual ways we can understand why it’s OK to eat fish on Fridays. Both “explanations” are new to me. I hadn’t heard about them until recently. But, I like ’em!

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The Lenten Kitchen… A Perpetual Jubilee

I am thrilled to have Celeste Behe join me on the show today. She is the author of the blog A Perpetual Jubilee, and she has a fantastic Lenten menu program called 40 for 12. Listen in on our conversation by clicking the “play” button below. You can also download the episode directly or get it for free on iTunes.

Experiencing Lenten Failures

Sarah Reinhard, author of Do I Really Have to Give Something Up for Lent? and Welcome Risen Jesus: Lenten and Easter Reflections for Families reflects on our failures in the Lenten season.

By the way, I highly recommend Sarah’s two Lenten books. We are using them in our family this Lent, and we love them!

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