December 11, 2020

The Vatican Christmas Cookbook

The Vatican Christmas Cookbook
The Vatican Christmas Cookbook

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the foodie in your life (or maybe for yourself?), I have a unique recommendation for you.

I recently received a copy of The Vatican Christmas Cookbook, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

“Stunning,” is the first word that I used to describe this book. The photography, the colors, the quality… it’s a stunningly beautiful book, one to have and to keep, even if you never cook a thing out of it.

Written by acclaimed chef and former Swiss Guard David Geisser, The Vatican Christmas Cookbook features more than 100 recipes from the Vatican and from across the world. That in itself makes it worth the price of the book, but once you open the cover you find that there is so much more here than just recipes. Personal stories, history, and artwork from Rome also deck the pages. The recipes are well-written, have an accompanying photograph, and they also span the Advent season, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Epiphany. There is a special section covering Christmas desserts and cookies, and another section featuring Christmas recipes from around the world. It’s a book you can lose yourself in. I know because I did.

I can tell you from experience that recipes are not easy to write. It can be a challenge to clearly describe the steps and processes in such a way that home cooks with varying degress of experience can successfully understand and follow a recipe. But Chef David Geisser and co-author Thomas Kelly have done just that in this cookbook.

Each recipe has an accompanying photo, but there are also numerous additional photos peppered throughout the book. And all of them help to draw us in to the mystery and grace of the Christmas season.

One of my favorite aspects of the book are the stories… some about Christmas at the Vatican and around the world, some about various popes, and some are behind-the-scene vignettes of the Swiss Guard. Delightful!

All in all, this book is the perfect treat for the foodies in your life. It is available from Sophia Institute Press and and can be ordered here: The Vatican Christmas Cookbook | Sophia Institute Press

Full Disclosure: I was given a review copy of the book in exhange for my honest review, which I have provided here. I receive no financial benefit from your purchase of this book. I do recommend this cookbook. It is a beautiful masterpiece that would make a wonderful gift.