August 2, 2010

Will Technorati Allow Me to Claim My Site?

Technorati is a huge directory of blogs. It’s the biggest of its kind. And being listed there is a big deal.

I submitted to Technorati months ago. After submission, Technorati needs to verify that you are the blog owner. It should be an easy process, right? Well, it’s not.

I’ve done this before. They give you a code, which you embed in a blog post (like this one). Technorati is then supposed to scan your blog for the code. I did that. In June. It has still not recognized me as the owner of this blog.

But I am the owner. Aren’t I?

So, I am trying again.

I came up with this cool little blog post so that I could embed the code again. See, I didn’t want to send out just a “blank” post with a code in it. I mean, if you got that you would think, “What’s this? Is the Catholic Foodie off his rocker?” Nope. No blank posts for me.

Since you are reading this, perhaps you could offer up a little prayer for Technorati. Specifically that they will finally recognize me as the owner of this site. Oh, and don’t forget to pray for me on Friday… and Sunday. I’ll be flying on those days, and flying makes me nervous. Especially since Char and I have been watching the series LOST (from the beginning) this summer. If I see Hurley in the airport, I’m running!

Thanks for your prayers. And thanks for all the support and encouragement you give me as the Catholic Foodie!

Bon appetit!