November 23, 2009

CF48 – Appetizing Leftovers?

Appetizing Leftovers? Yep. That’s what we have on the menu today at the Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith!What are you going to start off your Thanksgiving feast with? Soup? Salad? An aperitif, perhaps?Well today I share with you a few pre-feast recipes: a Champagne Mojito, Sweet Potato Chipotle & Apple Soup, White Bean Soup with Bacon and Herbs. YUM-O!And… it’s inevitable. There will be leftovers. What do you do with yours? Want some creative ideas for this year’s leftovers?Well, I’ve got some for you! How about Curried Turkey Soup? What about a Turkey Tortilla Soup? Both of these creative soups will transform that all-too-familiar leftover turkey into something fresh and delicious.A couple of miscellaneous tips: Don’t throw those turkey bones away! They can produce a valuable turkey stock… perfect for the soups mentioned above, or my famous Turkey & Andouille Gumbo! Do you want to avoid the annual Thanksgiving food coma? You know. The one that makes you pass out in the recliner after that delicious meal. I’ve got a few tips that will help you to avoid the food coma… that is, if you want to avoid it!Another gentle reminder… Next week – November 29 – marks the Catholic Foodie’s 1 year anniversary. Wow! I am planning an exciting show for you. As part of the show I would like to hit some of the highlights of the past year, and I need your help! Please call in and share one of your favorite moments of the Catholic Foodie. Is there a particular topic that really spoke to you? Some episode that you found to be funny? Enlightening? Entertaining? I want to hear from you! And I am counting on you to help make the 1 year anniversary a fun and lively celebration. So pick up that phone! Call in your story at985-635-4974.Also, please consider making a small donation to the Catholic Foodie. There is a PayPallink in the right-hand sidebar of this page. Any amount will help. The 1 year anniversary also marks the time when I need to renew a couple of online services. Producing a podcast is not free, and your help is greatly appreciated!Until the big anniversary celebration…BON APPETIT!

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Simplicities of Life: Hand-made Rosaries, Chaplets, & Jewelry

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