August 30, 2010

CF85 – Remembering Hurricane Katrina

CF85 – Remembering Hurricane Katrina

Show notes for episode 85:

This is Jeff Young, the Catholic Foodie at, and you are listening to episode 85 of the Catholic Foodie: Remembering Hurricane Katrina.

Welcome, folks, to the Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith. I am your host Jeff Young and we have a full menu today… on the 5th anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Katrina. We are going to reflect on Hurricane Katrina today, and talk about her nemesis – Our Lady of Prompt Succor.

Sarah Vabulas – the Catholic Drinkie – joins us today for our aperitif segment. We’ll be talking about Bloody Marys. And Sarah Reinhard graces us again with her Mary in the Kitchen segment.

We have our health tip to talk about, and a recipe for Jambalaya. All this and more right here at the Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith!


Jesus, in the gospel you call us to a radical way of life. You once told a story about a dinner party. And in that story you told us that, when we throw a dinner party, not to invite family and friends and the wealthy and influential. In other words, those who can repay us. Rather, you told us to invite the crippled, the lame, the poor, those who can never pay us back. Jesus, this is difficult. Oftentimes we forget that the poor may be sitting right next to us at the table and we may not recognize them. Jesus, give us the grace to invite them to banquet in our hearts. Help us to share with each other our time, our attention, our very selves. Just as you do for us. Thank you, Jesus, for this food that we are about to receive. Bless this food, Lord. And bless us. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Bloody Marys with Sarah Vabulas, the Catholic Drinkie at

The Catholic Foodie Bloody Mary recipe.

Bloody Mary variations –

  • Bloody Bull
  • Bloody Maria
  • Clamato Cocktail


Cookbook titles – Remember to vote for your favorite! Go to

Here are some of the titles that folks have voted on or suggested:

  • – Cathy Leblanc – “Finding Life at the Table” with a subtitle of “The Foodie’s Guide to Salvation History”
  • – Sarah Jambon – Manna From Heaven: A foodie’s guide to salvation history!
  • – Sandy Garayzar – And God Said “Bon Appetit”
  • – Anne Simpson – “Save a foodie… buy this book” / “the catholic foodie’s guide to salvation history”
  • – Mike Kuypers [read whole thing]
  • – Denyse Leger – And God Said, “Bon Appetit!”

Go check out the many other comments folks have left… and leave your own! Which is your favorite title? Or do you have another one that’s not on my wacky list?


Drink plenty of water –


Remembering Hurricane Katrina

  • – We got away nearly unscathed personally
  • – Everything has changed
  • – Down here we define ourselves by hurricanes. Hurricanes mark our time.
  • – Fear of hurricanes
  • – Resiliency – Six days later… talking about Mardi Gras.

Our Lady of Prompt Succor

  • History
  • Miracles
  • Prayer – Our Lady of Prompt Succor, hasten to help us!

The Catholic Foodie recipe for Jambalaya:


Mary in the Kitchen – Mary’s in the Kitchen and Sarah Reinhard’s sitting in Adoration, at an hour that’s indecent, reflecting on using the inspiration of Eucharistic Adoration while she’s back home in her own kitchen.

A special thanks to L’Angelus for letting us use their Ave Maria in the show!


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