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Dec 16, 2012

Poinsettia Cocktails for the Christmas Season #SundaySupper

Poinsettia Cocktails & Family Christmas Traditions I recently wrote that there’s nothing like tradition to bind a family together [/lebanese-butter-cookies-for-the-christmas-season-sundaysupper]. And I meant it. Tradition and faith go hand-in-hand. So do tradition and

Sep 26, 2010

CF90 – Father Abraham… At Your Service!

[]Show notes for episode 90: Today we talk about bar food, vinegar, and Father Abraham serving dinner to the poor man Lazarus. Whether

Nov 23, 2009

CF48 – Appetizing Leftovers?

[]Appetizing Leftovers? Yep. That’s what we have on the menu today at the Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith!What are you

Dec 23, 2008

CF04 – So What’s For Dinner?

CF04 – So What’s For Dinner? [], Christmas menus & recipes, feedback & more recipes, beer tasting and the O Antiphon of the day. Join us for episode 4 of The Catholic Foodie! Leave voice feedback: