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Apr 4, 2013

Easter and Crawfish in New Orleans

Easter and Crawfish in New Orleans

Easter Is a SeasonOur secular culture does not think so, but it is true. Easter is a season that spans 50 days and culminates with the celebration of Pentecost. Life is full of

May 1, 2011

Don’t Stress About Easter Cooking

Don’t Stress About Easter Cooking

Mary in the Kitchen – CF114: Mercy Sakes Alive!There’s nothing like a big holiday and the promise of dinner preparations to make me run screaming from my kitchen. Seriously. I wonder at

Apr 25, 2011

CF113 – Easter Crawfish Extravaganza

CF113 – Easter Crawfish Extravaganza

A quick celebratory video episode here to say “Happy Easter!” He is risen! Alleluia! Today we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in typical Louisiana fashion with boiled crawfish! This was a big production

Apr 22, 2010

He Has Set Me Free!

PART IV….Then came February 27. It was a Saturday. I felt drawn to go spend time praying in the adoration chapel at my parish (which is highly unusual for me). Even though

Apr 19, 2010

Am I Willing to Be Free?

PART III of My Lenten StoryFor years now I have felt like I was hobbling along in my faith, in my relationship with God. It’s been like this despite the fact that,

Apr 11, 2010

CF67 – He is Risen! Alleluia!

On the menu today we talk about how wonderful Lent was for us and how great it was to celebrate Easter. [Speaking of Easter, we are still in the Octave of Easter, preparing

Mar 28, 2010

CF66 – Holy Week and Praying with the Church

On the menu today… Holy Week, praying privately and liturgically, St. Augustine on prayer, Sarah Reinhard on Holy Thursday, feedback, and our family Holy Thursday celebration. Don’t forget to check out St.